Monday, July 31, 2006

Ray LaMontagne Cancels Gigs


Ray LaMontagne regretfully has to cancel his participation in the second leg of his co-headlining tour with Guster due to unforeseen conflicts in his schedule. There are also a few Midwest dates that are affected during the first leg. He enjoyed the first leg with Guster and is disappointed he can't continue at this time but is looking forward to returning to the road soon.
Ray will not be performing at The Zoo Amphitheatre in Toledo, OH on 8/8. In addition, the following shows have been cancelled.

08.04 Tower City Amphitheater Cleveland, OH
08.05 Lifestyle Communities Pavilion Columbus, OH
08.06 Chevrolet Amphitheatre Pittsburgh, PA

Refunds for all of these performances are available from the point of purchase. If you purchased your tickets through Musictoday, please direct all refund requests to:
We thank you for your continued support.
[Published on 7/30/2006]

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Second Leg of Summer/Fall Tour with Guster

New dates announced today:

9/14/06 Nokia Theatre - Grand Prairie,TX
9/17/06 House of Blues - New Orleans, LA
9/19/06 Cain's Ballroom - Tulsa, OK
9/22/06 City Market - Kansas City, MO
9/23/06 City Lights Pavillion - Denver, CO
9/28/06 The Wiltern LG - Los Angeles, CA
10/4/06 Crystal Ballroom - Portland, OR
10/5/06 Paramount Theatre - Seattle, WA

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New Single: Can I Stay

Ray LaMontagne's first single, 'Can I Stay', off of his newest album due out August 29th, is available to hear on his website:

The new record is entitled 'Till the Sun Turns Black' and is on RCA Records.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Ray LaMontagne: 'Trouble', Says Fans

According to his website, Ray LaMontagne was due to perform tonight at Camden Dingwalls in London, England.

But, comment posts on his MySpace page reveal that he refused to perform. Fans complain that he was in a foul mood because people in the crowd were talking and not paying attention to the opening act. He left the stage after saying "You're obviously not in the mood to listen to music tonight!"

MySpace comments: (Posting these here in case they get pushed down on the MySpace page...)

"Ray, cant believe u left the gig tonight with no explanation. so rude. "ur obviously not in the mood to listen to music toinght" is such a ridiculous thing to say to 550 adoring fans. i myself paid £50 to see u tonight. and to here u left because u were not happy with the way people treated the support act. that is ridiculous. were u never a support act??? people always talk during the support act considering 95% of people dont know who they are. and when u came on you were so moody and barely spoke to the fans at all. this sort of pedestool behaviour is un-acceptable and very upsetting to someone who paid 4 times the face value of the ticket. who do u think u are????? sort it out. or u will soon lose many many fans!!!!!!!"

"So Mr Lamontagne.
You come to England and ya play a few shows here to promote your music. all good. But then ya play Dingwalls and thats a small venue for your league of fans, and you act in the way you did. why? People i spoke to had paid £50 upwards to buy tickets off touts, not because they have money to throw around, but because they love and respect your songs. that venue was full of people who were your fans, they were so looking forward to your show and yet you tainted it by acting like a spoilt child. So some people were talking through the support act, thats their right, they paid good money to see YOU, not the support act. Understand young man that your status as a signed artist does not in anyway entitle you to treat your fans with such disrepect that you refuse to play, chuck your toys from the pram, and then sulk until someone points out to you that you are burning bridges you can ill afford to burn in this fickle industry that is music! You sold your soul when you released an album, yeah thats tough but thats how it goes when you choose to share your thoughts, words and music with the listeners. You played top of the pops to people who have never heard of you, yet you bitch at the true fans for enjoying their night as they see fit.If you want things your way all the time become a politician, otherwise, play ball and stop being a protentious fool! i am discruntled, feel free to leave a reply on my page, i dont care, i am a nobody, you on the other hand have fans, respect them, or stand there and burn! Corin"

This brings up an interesting debate. Who deserves more respect? The artist or the audience?

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